Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Merry Christmas 2018 and Holiday Gift Guide

Hope your holiday shopping is off to a great start! :-)

Here are some gift suggestions that I hope you will find helpful, complete with links to my review of each item.

Super 6 in 1 Metal Tool Pen

One of my all time favorite pens!

 Click link above to read my full review.

 Such a handy item and a perfect stocking stuffer.

Larry Payne's Prime of Life Yoga DVD 

This is one of my all time favorite yoga DVDs (and I've tried a LOT of them, over the years).

Perfect for anyone who is just starting out with yoga or who is looking for some new ideas to add to their current routine.

This is actually a series of DVDs, providing for even more options.

Larry Payne is one of the top yoga experts in the world.

He is also a very encouraging and gentle teacher. 

You CAN do it!!!

Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders

A must-have book for any knitters on your list!

A beautiful book with great ideas for using up a yarn stash, and for all skill levels too. 

One of my favs and I have a LOT of knitting books!

Crafting With Cat Hair

Another one of my favorite crafting books. 

This one for the feline-lover/ crafters on your list!

Click link above to read the review, this one pawed by the furrrbulous Mr. Cheddar. 

Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Creme

We all need some pampering! :-)

And this creme from Burt's Bees will make your feet feel and look great.

The delish coconut fragrance is just an added plus.

With winter on the way, this is a must have treat, for home spa days!

Another great idea for stocking stuffers too. 

Suncoat Peelable Nail Polish

A perfect added on, with the Burt's Bees foot creme above.

This polish lasts and lasts and when you're ready to remove it, it peels off after soaking your feet (or hands) in soapy water. Amazing but true.

Comes in a variety of fun colors and definitely not just for kids.

Avoid a lot of the harmful chemicals that are in most regular polishes and still have great looking, colorful nails to enjoy! 

Badger Balm Damascus Rose Face Oil

More pampering, coming up!!!

This is one of my favorite facial moisturizers.

Organic ingredients, reasonably priced, lovely light and natural fragrance and it actually does something!!! What's not to love?

Joe Fresh  (online clothing and accessory site)

Not a specific item, but if you are looking for trendy, inexpensive but well made clothing items for the whole family, this is a site you will want to check out.

I have gotten so many bargains there in the past couple of years. I actually have to keep away from too much browsing there as the temptation is great.

Their customer service is excellent too, and that is just as important as the inventory, IMO. 

Christmas Miracles
Send someone you love an eBook (or book) filled with inspiring true stories for the holidays. 

Touching, memorable and inspiring. 

I was moved to tears (but in a good way) reading many of these stories. 

On my list of must-read Christmas books, every year. 


 Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!!!


  1. These are excellent gift ideas. I have the tool pen, it's very handy. I'd like to read the miracle book.

  2. I love my tool pen too. Actually, I love all of the above.😂

  3. Some great ideas here especially the tool pen but sadly all these things are on Amazon.com and not Amazon.fr so we cannot buy them 😒 Have a good week, Diane

    1. I'm surprised that they wouldn't be on the French site too, at least some of them. But I'm guessing you have some gorgeous offerings there too.😊 A good week to you too Diane.🎄

    2. Some are on the English site but they will not post to here! The French site is very different in every aspect!!!!! They will not allow us to use .com. Take care Diane.

    3. I'm sorry to hear that the availability varies so much. My account is at Amazon Canada but it has most of the US stuff I look at. I'm a big Amazon fan.😊

  4. Crafting with cat hair - i love all the suggestions but this one - is v...e..r...y interesting since in the summer my cat loses about a 3 tons of cat hair have a great holiday Geraldine!

    1. You would love this book Sandy. Filled with feline related crafts using felted cat hair. It's also a visually beautiful book. Perfect as a gift too.

      I hope you have a lovely holiday too.🎄🎀💟

  5. Crafting with cat hair is a wonderful book. Rabbit hair is even better to craft with as it's that bit softer

    1. It's one of my favorite craft books and I have a lot of craft books, of all kinds.😂

  6. Hi there sweet friend! I've missed you and so happy to read your reviews tonight. I see a couple of things I want to check on...I've always loved Burt's Bees products! And the face oil sounds good! Merry Christmas! Holiday hugs, Diane

    1. Big hugs back to you Diane!

      Merry Christmas!🎄🎄🎄🎄

  7. A great list of ideas!! My number one favorite, the knitting book, I would like to get that for my knitting teacher!! Thanks for all these recommendations!!

    1. It's a terrific knitting book Debbie, if she doesn't have it already, I'm sure she'll love it. Not only full of interesting projects but visually beautiful too.

      Merry Christmas to YOU!🎄🎄

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks and Merry Christmas to you too!🎄🎄🎄

  9. Thank you for these great reviews!
    They are just what I needed, as I am so behind with my Christmas shopping this year.😊😊

    Sending you lots of love and hugs xxx

    1. And all my best wishes back to you dear Ygraine. I've been thinking about you. Take care friend. I hope you are getting the very best help and advice. Many hugs!!!💟💟💟

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  11. They all look interesting. Burt's Bees started upcountry, here in Maine.

    Merry Christmas, to you and Joe.

    1. Thanks Sandy, and best wishes to you and your family!😊🎄🎄😊

  12. Gorgeous. Merry Christmas! :-)

    Greetings from London.

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